Kenneth Goldsmith on 'Uncreative Writing'

Lovely piece by Goldsmith: It seems an appropriate response to a new condition in writing: With an unprecedented amount of available text, our problem is not needing to write more of it; instead, we must learn to negotiate the vast quantity that exists.

Charles Simic on Boredom

Charles Simic on his “high school reunion” with boredom following Hurricane Irene: Even so, looking back now, I realize how much I owe to my boredom. Drowning in it, I came face to face with myself as if in a mirror.

Catch the Reader

…If I seem to stress the reader’s interest rather more than the pure urge of the writer, it is because, for me, the reader is the essential other half of the writer.

The Lost Art of Postcard Writing

Wonderful essay by Charles Simic on the *New York Review of Book’s *blog.