Indigenous Issues

Dennis Banks FBI File

Dennis Banks passed away on October 29, 2017. On November 1, 2017 I filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the FBI for any files related to Banks. Most of the FBI files related to the American Indian Movement have been public for a number of years but I was curious to see if the FBI would release anything new Banks following his death.

Edmond Low's Digital Archives for Indigenous History

Intro The Indigenous Peoples: North America has an abundance of materials that covers a vast scope, both chronologically and thematically, providing a wealth of 19th century materials and collections drawing on materials from the Arctic circle region, expanding our understanding of the inter-connectedness of Indigenous people, a fact that at times is all too easy to get lost.

From the Archives: The Vanishing Americans

Here’s a little article I pulled from a digital copy of The Indian, May 28, 1970: What really drew my attention to the article was the blending of traditional identity with contemporary rock music, then I decided to see if they ever managed to get that record made.

Bob Englehart's Golden Hill Paugussett Cartoon

In her book, Cash, Color, and Colonialism: The Politics of Tribal Acknowledgement, Renee Cramer made a passing reference to a cartoon in the Hartford Courant on the controversy over the potential federal acknowledgement of the Golden Hill Paugussetts in Connecticut.

'The creation of Red Power': Review of McKenzie-Jones's Cylde Warrior Biography

In 1966 Clyde Warrior, Mel Thom, and other young American Indian activists crashed the National Council of American Indians’s parade in Oklahoma City with a rented car that had a sign reading “Red Power National Indian Youth Council” on one side and “Custer Died for Your Sins” on the other.

Who's to Blame for Anna Mae Aquash's Death?

The New York Times Magazine published a piece of the death of Anna Mae Aquash, an AIM activist murdered in 1976, last month: On Feb. 24, 1976, a rancher in South Dakota was installing a fence on land situated along the edge of Pine Ridge Indian Reservation when he spotted a body at the bottom of a 30-foot embankment.

BIA Recognition Changes in Connecticut

I’ve been meaning to write an in-depth single about the Bureau of Indian Affairs attempt to change the process for tribes getting recognized and the backlash it’s received in Connecticut since it was announced last summer but simply haven’t had the time (or energy) to get around to it.

The Issue of the Seminole Mascot

The final BCS National Championship saw the Florida State Seminoles beat Auburn for their first national title since the 1999 season. A day later David Zirin, the Nation’s sports writer, also proclaimed the school as the “ Champion of Racist Mascots.

Business Insider Articles Hideously Inaccurate Piece About Wind River

The concluding chapter of my thesis touched on the issue of people writing poverty porn articles in regards to life on Native American reservations. In addition to Diana Sawyer’s visit to Pine Ridge for “ Hidden America: Children of the Plains” I mentioned the negative coverage the Wind River reservation receives from the press.

NY Times Returns to the Topic of Violence on Reservations

Earlier this year the New York Times published an article highlighting the crime rates on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming, today they’ve got another one: The federal government has cut the size of its police force in Indian country, reduced financing for law enforcement and begun fewer investigations of violent felony crime, even as rates of murder and rape there have increased to more than 20 times the national average, according to data.