On Abourerzk's AK-47s at Wounded Knee

Former Senator Jim Abourezk discussing his visit to the occupied town of Wounded Knee in 1973 with the South Dakota CBS affiliate: “We got into the Indians’ perimeter and there’s all these Indian Vietnam vets who were there with AK-47′s Kalashnikovs, I don’t know where they got them all, but they had them.

AIM's Founding

From the Associated Press’ obituary of Russell Means: AIM was founded in the late 1960s to protest the U.S. government’s treatment of Native Americans and demand the government honor its treaties with Indian tribes.

Hoboes, Tramps, and Bums

There are three types of the genus vagrant: the hobo, the tramp, and the bum. The hobo works and wanders, the tramp dreams and wanders and the bum drinks and wanders.

Woody Guthrie's New Year's Resolutions

Amazing Wake up and fight

Thanksgiving, 1970

1970 marked the 350th anniversary of the pilgrims landing at Plymouth Rock and like usual the residents of Plymouth, Massachusetts were planning the annual Pilgrim’s Progress festival. The festival included a parade and feast, complete with residents in period clothes.

Let Them Have Cake

We tossed the cakes to them and I fed them like chickens with small pieces of cake and like chickens they ate it. Mr. Stevens kept guard with a whip with which he pretended to whip a small boy.

'Saturday Night in a Saloon' Or John Ratzenberger's Opening Photo Credit From Cheers

In watching the final installment of Ken Burns’s “Prohibition” documentary I noticed a picture that was notable solely because I watch too many old reruns of “Cheers": “Saturday Night in a Saloon,” Russell Lee, Craigville, Minnesota, 1937 ( LOC)

The Yankees Certainly Didn't Play the Cubs in July 1934

I’ve long gotten over bickering about factual errors in historical movies, yet Public Enemies just got on my nerves. The IMDB issues page should shed some light if you’ve never seen the movie.

Even The Entertainment Was Traumatic

Even the entertainment could be traumatic in No Man’s Land. People would gather at makeshift rodeo stands near Boise City, OK on Saturday afternoons to watch the cow dip. Cattle were herded into a chute and down into a vat of water.

Rolling Stone on Early 70s Airport Security

While conducting some research on Leon Russell I managed to come across a gem of a Rolling Stone article from February of 1972. In response to the destruction of four airliners in 1970 by Palestinian guerrillas, Richard Nixon implemented an anti-hijacking program which RS panned as ineffective and setting “a dangerous precedent for future violations of two basic constitutional freedoms–freedom to travel and freedom from unreasonable search.