Digital History

Edmond Low's Digital Archives for Indigenous History

Intro The Indigenous Peoples: North America has an abundance of materials that covers a vast scope, both chronologically and thematically, providing a wealth of 19th century materials and collections drawing on materials from the Arctic circle region, expanding our understanding of the inter-connectedness of Indigenous people, a fact that at times is all too easy to get lost.

Coding? But You're a Historian

When I went away to start my undergrad I was not only a pretty socially awkward person (alert: still am), but I had my own computer for basically the first time in my life.

Review of Gardiner and Musto's Digital Humanities

Gardiner, Eileen and Ronald G. Musto. The Digital Humanities: A Primer for Students and Scholars. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2015. No grad student would blink twice about seeing a book from 2005 on the list of assigned reading for a class.

Where'd the Death Come From? Editing Wikipedia's Wounded Knee Entry

According to Alexa, the English language version of Wikipedia is the seventh ranked site on the Internet and the only vaguely academic site besides the omnipotent Google on the list. Yet even though Wikipedia and its five million articles have become a ubiquitous part of how we figure out the answer to life’s vexing questions, most people know little about how the content actually gets on Wikipedia.