A History of Tulsa's 100-6 Loss to Houston

Brian Phillips in Grantland:

It featured a flu epidemic, a future NFL coach, and a 49-point fourth quarter. A country music star caught a touchdown pass. The winning coach was a tactical revolutionary; the losing coach was the most beloved football hero ever to grace early-1950s Saskatchewan. It was the White Album of college football games, and it was played the day after the White Album came out. Oh, and it’s still the last time a major college program scored 100 points.4 It was Executive Platinum Oak Cask crazy. And that’s before you get to Dr. Phil’s part in it.

All of this is just a nice reminder that things have been worse than Tulsa’s abysmal 2013 season.

Jared L. Eberle
Jared L. Eberle
Historian of Modern Indigenous Activism

I an adjunct instructor at Oklahoma State University and my research focuses on American Indian activism after the occupation of Wounded Knee in 1973.