Course Policies


Important deadlines for dropping the class are:

  • August 27: 100% refund for dropped class
  • August 31: Partial refund for dropped class
  • October 3: Six week grades
  • November 9: Withdraw deadline

Incomplete Grades

University policy requires that students complete at least 50% of the assigned coursework to receive an “incomplete” grade. While I will only give incompletes in extremely rare situations, be advised you will need to finish the coursework within a year to remove the incomplete, otherwise you will receive an “I” paired with the grade you earned at that time (e.g. I/B, I/C). Incompletes are not automatic, you need to meet with me in person to arrange an incomplete.

Additional Policies

Late Work

You may only turn in work for 48 hours after the assignment is due (excluding Globalyceum), with a 10% grade reduction per day. Any work submitted after this point will not be accepted. Extensions will only be granted at my discretion and will only happen in extremely rare circumstances (i.e. serious illness, family emergency). In these circumstances you need to notify me as soon as you know, TAs cannot approve extensions. Accommodations will not be given if you fail to give me proper notice or do not provide adequate documentation.

Class conduct

  • Laptops may not be used for the first three weeks of class. After week three students are welcome to utilize laptops for class-related note taking. Using computers for non-class activities will result in loss of laptop privileges. In the event laptops become enough of a distraction, they will be banned from use.
  • Cellphones should be on silent and in your backpack not on your lap or desk.
  • Do not pack up prior to the end of class. I lecture for the full fifty minutes, and some of the most important points in lectures come at the end as I’m wrapping up. Packing up early is not only disrespectful but causes too much noise for others to properly hear the lecture.
  • Taking photographs, videos, or audio recordings of the lectures or PowerPoint slides without my permission is prohibited.
  • You are expected to conduct yourself in a professional manner. History has a number of controversial events and we will address some of these. Please respect the views of your classmates and treat everyone with decency. You will be asked to leave/lose attendance points if you are not able to conduct yourself in a professional manner.

Disability Services

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, each student with a disability is responsible for notifying the University of his/her disability and requesting accommodations. If you think you have a qualified disability and need special accommodations, you should notify the instructor and request verification of eligibility for accommodations from Student Disability Services, 315 Student Union, 405-744-7116. Please advise the instructor of such disability and desired accommodations at some point before, during, or immediately after the first scheduled class period. Faculty members are obligated to respond when they receive official notice of a disability, but are under no obligation to provide retroactive accommodations. To receive services, you must submit appropriate documentation and complete an intake process during which the existence of a qualified disability is verified and reasonable accommodations are identified. Go to for additional information.

NOTE: Students with SDS accomodations need to either attend office hours or schedule an appointment to discuss the accomodations before the end of the second week of classes.

Academic Integrity

Intentional cheating of any kind on any assignment will result in formal academic integrity violation proceedings including referral to the Office of Student Conduct, and may result in a failing grade for the entire course and/or receiving a permanent notation of a violation of academic integrity on your transcript (F!) All students should be familiar with university academic integrity guidelines and procedures, including the right to appeal charges. For more information you may contact the Office of Academic Affairs, 101 Whitehurst, 405-744-5627, or visit