Expectations & Requirements

What to expect

Expect to attend both physically and mentally on a regular basis. Even though we are meeting right after lunch and you may be in a food coma (or desperate for food), regular attendance is both mandatory and a critical part of the learning process. You will not pass this class with poor attendance.

Expect to do reading and writing. History, as with the other humanities, is primarily a reading based discipline. In addition to regular short readings throughout the semester, you will read one full length book and complete a connected short essay paper. This workload is managable if you set aside time outside of class to complete the work. Simply attending lectures will not lead to a good grade in this class. I will provide some suggestions on writing your papers and managing your time, but keeping up on the readings and assignments is primarily your responsibility.

Expect a greatest hits of American history. Due to the amount of material we have to cover in a semester I cannot provide information on every facet of American history, or even cover all of the significant events. Your textbook will supplement lectures and provide far more detail than I will be able to during our weekly meetings. Just because I do not cover something in lecture does not exclude it from being on the tests. Additionally, I encourage anyone wanting more information on topics not covered to come see me during office hours, I am always happy to talk about history.

Expect to pass, if you do the work. This class is very hard to fail but it will not be easy. If you put in the work (regular reading, studying, etc.) you will more than likely get a decent grade in this class. That being said, earning an A in the class means demonstrating exemplary work on a consistent basis.

Required Materials

Your main textbook, Eric Foner’s Give Me Liberty is included on the course’s online classroom as part of the fees attached to this course. The Foner textbook is required for the course, you will receive an email about opting out, this is meant for people who already have access to the textbook through another means and do not want to be charged again. In other words, a vast majority of students can simply ignore this email. Opting out is permanent and cannot be undone. Failing to have access to the textbook is not a justified reason for extensions on assignments or not completing them.

Students are also required to purchase access to Globalyceum, an online platform that will supplement the textbook. Access codes are available for purchase at the OSU Student Union Bookstore.