Assignments & Grading

Primary Source Responses

Four, two question responses to assigned readings in the Eric Foner textbook. Additional information and the prompts for each of these assignments is available at the back of the syllabus. You will turn in a digital copy to the assigned BrightSpace dropbox prior to class on the dates listed in the course schedule. Assignments are graded in increments of 5 (e.g. 50, 45, 40, etc.)

Globalyceum Responses

Ten responses that you will complete on the Globalyceum website, Sections will include videos and primary sources documents that will supplement the class lectures. Each week have a corresponding Globalyceum section, you can choose which weeks you complete to arrive at your required ten. Assignments need to be completed by 5PM on Friday of the appropriate week and late work will not be accepted for these. Like the primary source responses, Globalyceum assignments are graded in increments of 5 points.


Two, fifty minute exams, taken in class on the date listed in the course schedule. The exams will be comprised of five short identifications and one essay question.

Final Exam

Hour and fifty minute exam that will have the same structure as the midterm with the addition of a cumulative essay covering how specific themes influenced United States history.

Attendance/Class Conduct

I will take attendance 10 times throughout the semester. Students who show up more than 20 minutes late to class or leave early without prior approval will not earn attendance points. I also reserve the right to withhold attendance points if you are on your phone, sleeping, or anything else that prevents you from being both physically and mentally present during lecture. Students who receive more than two class conduct violations will lose 25 points for each subsequent violation and be disqualified from earning extra credit.


Assignment1000 pointsBreakdown
Primary Source Responses200 points50 points each
Globalyceum Responses200 points20 points each
Exam 1150 points50 points for IDs, 100 points for essay
Exam 2150 pointsSame as above
Attendance100 points
Final Exam200 pointsIDs/non-cumulative essay: 50 points each; cumulative essay: 100 points

The following key will determine your letter grade:

A90% and above
F59% and below

Grade Disputes

Students wishing to dispute their grades (outside of obvious mathematical errors or clarification of comments) are required to wait 24 hours after the assignment has been handed back and then need to attend office hours (or schedule a meeting) with the person who graded their work to formally discuss the grade they received. Be prepared to come to the meeting with specific points you feel were not taken into account by your grader. If I did not grade your assignment I will only meet with you after you have talked to the TA. We reserve the right to raise or lower your grade at these meetings.

Due to the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), we do not answer any emails related to grades. Students unsure about where they stand in class need to come see us in person.