Woody Guthrie's New Year's Resolutions

Amazing Wake up and fight

Bobby Crawford, Former Whaler, Says Return Improbable

Someone alert Don Quixote! Crawford in an interview with the Canadian paper The Intelligencer: “Toronto could handle another NHL team — probably two more,” said Crawford. “But there are three NHL teams within 90 minutes of Hartford, plus basketball, football and baseball.

Kenneth Goldsmith on 'Uncreative Writing'

Lovely piece by Goldsmith: It seems an appropriate response to a new condition in writing: With an unprecedented amount of available text, our problem is not needing to write more of it; instead, we must learn to negotiate the vast quantity that exists.

TurnItIn and Plagiarism

Interesting article on, a Web site professors and universities use to (hopefully) catch students passing off plagiarized work. Unfortunately the service has a variety of issues, the biggest of which is that it offers a (paid) service for students that tells them the parts of their papers that will get flagged should it get run through turnitin.

Charles Simic on Boredom

Charles Simic on his “high school reunion” with boredom following Hurricane Irene: Even so, looking back now, I realize how much I owe to my boredom. Drowning in it, I came face to face with myself as if in a mirror.

'Together, it and I earned a Read Badge of Shared Achievement'

Wonderful “Reading Life” essay on the well-read book as a thing of beauty: Eventually, I finished this impressive volume. It went from being a new and unread book to one that was very evidently used and read.

Tulsa's Architectural Link to 9/11

Front page New York Times article from yesterday on the fact that Tulsa’s BOK Tower is basically a smaller version of the Twin Towers. It should be noted that the tower will become the second tallest building in Oklahoma upon the completion of the Devon Tower in Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma's Tribal Informercials

Wonderful essay on Oklahoma’s growing crop of tribal commercials ( example for anyone living outside the friendly confines of Oklahoma) and how they may not have the affect tribe’s hope.

The Lost Art of Postcard Writing

Wonderful essay by Charles Simic on the *New York Review of Book’s *blog.

Journalist Goes Noodling

If you don’t live in Oklahoma (or more generally the Southeastern US) you’ve probably never heard of noodling.1 Even if you do know spend some time reading Spencer Hall’s noodling experience.