Beer Archive

Archive I have no use for but wish I did: Just nine months into the job, Edmunson-Morton has already collected a variety of materials for the archives, including craft beer singleers, hops breeding reports and historic photographs.

A History of Tulsa's 100-6 Loss to Houston

Brian Phillips in Grantland: It featured a flu epidemic, a future NFL coach, and a 49-point fourth quarter. A country music star caught a touchdown pass. The winning coach was a tactical revolutionary; the losing coach was the most beloved football hero ever to grace early-1950s Saskatchewan.

Nate Silver on Hockey Relocations

Traditional Nate Silver post with lots of numbers and charts trying to answer why Canada hasn’t won a Stanley Cup in 20 years. Mostly it boils down to bad luck but Silver looks at redistributing NHL teams to align with fan support, which mostly means lots of new teams in Canada.

Look at Wounded Knee Sale From Australia

The Australia Broadcasting Corporation’s Jane Cowan travels to Wounded Knee to look at the potential sale of 40 acres of land by Jim Czywczynski. She leads with “…an ancient culture feels very much alive” which is problematic because, well, it is alive.

NY Post Says Malloy Actively Seeking a Whalers Return

The details from the NY Post report: Despite admitting last summer that it is “unlikely” NHL hockey would return to his state, Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy is not giving up on the slapshot dream, sources said.

AIM's Founding

From the Associated Press’ obituary of Russell Means: AIM was founded in the late 1960s to protest the U.S. government’s treatment of Native Americans and demand the government honor its treaties with Indian tribes.

Indian Versus Native American

Apparently there was some terminology controversy on one of those Bravo shows that showcase rich white women bickering with each other: Tonight, on the reality TV series The Real Housewives of New York City, LuAnn de Lesseps will use the term “Indian.

Jeff Jacobs Apologizes For Believing in Don Quixote

Jeff Jacobs writing in the Courant about Don Quixote’s demise and apologizing for his small rule in it: Where I erred so badly in 2010 was underestimating how much major-league damage he could do in a minor-league market.

Howard Didn't Kill Hockey in Hartford, He Just Made It's Death Messy

Great column by Jeff Jacobs on Howard’s exit and the future of hockey in Hartford. Spoiler: Professional hockey is probably done. Even though I’ve been hard on Howard it’s important to note his failure won’t lead to the death of the AHL in Hartford (if it comes to that of course).

Malloy: 'Don't Hold Your Breath'

Sensibility from Dannel: …Malloy added, Connecticut is not close to landing an NHL franchise. “I don’t lie awake at night wondering how that’s going to happen,” Malloy said. “Because, it’s not going to happen in the short run.