Baldwin Continues the Quest

Howard Baldwin, for better or worse, refuses to acknowledge the longshot (an understatement frankly) chances Hartford has of ever landing another NHL franchise. Hartford Courant columnist Jeff Jacobs has a column today in which Baldwin says this of next year:


Soup to Nutz - April 20, 2011

A Check on the Whale's Attendance Numbers

Who’s curious to see where the Whale rank in the AHL’s overall attendance standings following a few months of re-branded hockey and the outdoor festival? Probably only me. When we last checked in with the numbers, the Whale (or Wolfpack) were averaging just under 3,600 fans a game and ranked 22nd in the standings.

The Dream That Never Was is Dead

The Whale Bowl was played yesterday and wind and cold are being blamed for poor attendance. The failure to turn out a decent crowd for the whole game sent columnists and reporters scrambling hoping to salvage whatever they could from the failed stunt cooked up by Howard Baldwin to convince the NHL to come back to Hartford.

Rolling Stone on Early 70s Airport Security

While conducting some research on Leon Russell I managed to come across a gem of a Rolling Stone article from February of 1972. In response to the destruction of four airliners in 1970 by Palestinian guerrillas, Richard Nixon implemented an anti-hijacking program which RS panned as ineffective and setting “a dangerous precedent for future violations of two basic constitutional freedoms–freedom to travel and freedom from unreasonable search.

The Knock-Off Whalers

Before November 27th of last year one would walk into the XL Center in Hartford and be greeted by a wall of pictures showcasing the sporting history of the XL Center.

Required Reading for All Whalers Dreamers

Here’s an excellent piece from “Puck Daddy” that not only summarizes the current discussion of whether or not the Atlanta Thrashers will relocate to Canada but also provides a solid no in response.

Oh the Whale

The Connecticut Whale kicked off in Hartford this weekend and it looks to have been a successful debut (in more ways than one). I’m stated my position on the Hartford NHL issue in the past but having read news on the debut (I plan on attending a game next month when I return to Connecticut) I’m not liking the new Whale.

Do Hartford’s AHL Attendance Figures Mean Anything for its Potential NHL Future?

In remarks given yesterday at the Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce’s Business to Business Expo, Howard Baldwin, the new owner of the Hartford Wolfpack (or CT Whale) and former Whalers owner, said he’s no longer skeptical of the Hartford hockey market.