Assignments & Grading


Song Responses - Over the course of the semester you will write four short 500 word responses to the assigned material for that week. Utilizing the materials explain how the song for that week helps us better understand that particular era of U.S. history. Then provide an alternative song and explain why you made the choice you did making use of academic sources as needed. Assignments are due by 5PM Monday of the assigned week (e.g. the day before class) and need to be submitted to the appropriate Dropbox on the course’s BrightSpace page. These responses will not only help guide our weekly discussions but will help in the process of constructing your final assignment of the semester.

Final Paper - Pick a topic of U.S. history (this can be conceived as broadly or narrowly as you wish) and create a playlist for that topic. Utilizing academic materials, tell a short history of the topic and then explain your playlist selections and how they help us understand the topic. Your playlist should have at least five songs and no more than fifteen. Papers should be between 1,250 and 1,500 words. You will upload a copy of the paper to Brightspace and put a hard copy in my department mailbox (located in 101 S Murray Hall) by 5PM on Wednesday, December 12th.

Attendance / Participation - This course only meets once a week for fifty minutes, so attendance is of the utmost importance. Additionally the course is rooted in your ideas as much as anything and as such you should expect to not only be present for every class but be engaged in discussions. I will take attendance during every class period as well as assess participation over the course of the semester.


Assignment500 pointsBreakdown
Responses200 Points50 Points Each
Final Paper150 Points
Attendance/Participation150 Points75 Points Each

The following key will determine your letter grade:

A90% and above
F59% and below

NOTE: Due to the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), I do not answer any emails related to grades. Students unsure about where they stand in class need to come see me in person.